Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rubber Stamping -- Hanukkah Greeting Cards

For these cards I challenged myself to come up with various designs using nothing more than a single rubber stamp and some basic paper crafting supplies. The results are five simple yet stunning cards that anyone would love to receive on Hanukkah.

The ornate dreidel stamp I used for these projects is made by Ruth's Jewish Rubber Stamps, but you could use any appropriate central image you like instead. In fact, use different images for different holidays -- most of the designs will still work well.

The links below will take you to detailed directions on how to make the greeting cards in the photo.


  1. Cool collections.Wish you Happy Christmas and New year eve in advance.

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  2. Thank you! I had fun making them. The punch art tree and wreath ones too (a few posts ago).

    Happy holidays to you too!

    I'm not sure where you are, but here in Big Bear it will definitely be a white Christmas!