Monday, December 8, 2008

North Pole Christmas Decoration

If you purchased a North Pole decoration at a Christmas shop it would run you around $30.00. Lisa Dodez's creative version will cost pennies (she even uses items that might otherwise be discarded) and is very easy to make.

You Will Need:
flower pot
cardboard tube from wrapping paper
small scrap piece of candy stripe gift wrap paper
hot glue gun
floral foam (enough to fill flower pot)
red plastic ball shaped ornament for top of pole
Christmas drape (cotton sheets made to resemble snow available wherever gift wraps and decorations are sold)
extras for decorations -- tissue paper, small bits of ribbon, toys, etc.

1. To make the base, hot glue floral foam, pot and cardboard tube together as shown in photo 1.
2. Use tape to wrap the cardboard tube with the wrapping paper scrap. Make sure to fold over the edge of the paper for a crisp, clean line.

3. Wrap flower pot base with Christmas drape to replicate snow and use hot glue to secure. If you don't have Christmas drape you could also use tissue paper, fabric and/or garland.

4. Photo 4 shows a close up of the wrapped pot.

5. Hot glue plastic ornament to top of pole.

6. Gather extra decorations you have hanging around that match the color scheme of your North Pole sign.
7. Attach decorative touches with hot glue.
8. Make the flag. We printed 2 pieces of sign artwork so you could see it from all angles. You can find the links to print out the North Pole sign artwork at the bottom of the page at this link. Print both then cut a flag like the one shown at the top of this page from your paper pieces. Glue the two pieces together, leaving about a 1/2 inch margin on the sides that you will use to attach the flag to the pole. Fold the margin pieces outward, apply hot glue and attach the flag to the pole.

Congratulations, your North Pole Christmas decoration is now complete!

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