Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Language of Flowers -- Let Your Bouquet Express Your Emotions

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I though it would be a great time to explore the traditional symbolic language of flowers, so you can create a bouquet for your loved ones that truly expresses how you feel. These came from an old magazine, circa early 1900s, found at my grandmothers house when I was a kid. It seems the language of giving flowers was quite complex back then.

Flower and Its Emotion

Abatina -- Fickleness

Acacia -- Friendship

Acacia, Yellow -- Secret Love

Alyssum, Sweet -- Worth Beyond Beauty

Amaranth, Globe -- Unfading Love

Ambrosia --Love Returned

American Linden -- Matromony

Amethys -- Admiration

Azalea -- Temperance

Bachelor's Buttons-- Celibacy

Bluebell -- Constancy

Bridal Rose -- Happy Love

Carnation, Deep Red -- Alas, My Poor Heart

Carnation, Striped -- Refusal

Carnation, Yellow -- Disdain

Chrysanthemum, Red-- I love You

Chrysanthemum, White -- Truth

Chrysanthemum, Yellow -- Slighted Love

Clover, Four-Leaved -- Be Mine

Coreopsis Arkansa -- Love at First Sight

Cranberry -- Cure for Heartache

Daffodil -- Regard

Dahlia -- Instability

Daisy -- Innocence

Daisy, Garden -- I Share Your Sentiments

Daisy, Michaelmas -- Farewell

Dittany Of Crete -- Passion

Fern -- Facination

Fleur-de-Lis -- Flame -- I Burn for You

Forget-Me-Not -- True Love

Honey Flower -- Love, Sweet and Secret

Honeysuckle -- Generous and Devoted Affection

Iris -- Message

Ivy -- Fidelity, Marriage

Jasmine, Spanish -- Sensuality

Jasmine, Yellow -- Grace and Elegance

Jonquil -- Desire and Affection

Laurel -- Glory

Lavender --Distrust

Lemon Blossoms -- Fidelity in Love

Lilac, Field -- Humility

Lilac, Purple -- First Emotions of Love

Lilac, White -- Youthful Innocence

Lily, Day -- Coquetry

Lily, White -- Purity, Sweetness

Lily, Yellow -- Falsehood, Gaeity

Lily Of The Valley -- Return of Happiness

Lotus Flower -- Estranged Love

Magnolia -- Love of Nature

Mallow, Syrian -- Consumed by Love

Marigold -- Grief

Marigold, African -- Vulgar Minds

Marigold, French -- Jealousy

Mint -- Virtue

Morning Glory -- Affectation

Motherwort -- Concealed Love

Mugwort -- Happiness

Myrtle -- Love

Narcissus -- Egotism

Nasturtium -- Patriotism

Orange Blossoms -- Purity and Lovliness

Orange Flowers -- Chastity, Bridal

Orange Tree -- Generosity

Osmunda -- Dreams

Pansy -- Thoughts

Peony -- Shame, Bashfulness

Peppermint -- Warmth

Periwinkle, Blue -- Early Friendship

Periwinkle, White -- Pleasures of Memory

Pheasant's Eye -- Remembrance

Pink, Carnation -- Woman's Love

Pink, Single -- Pure Love

Poppy, Red -- Consolation

Primrose -- Early Youth

Purple Clover -- Provident

Quince -- Temptation

Raspberry -- Remorse

Red Catchfly -- Youthful Love

Rose -- Love

Rose, Bridal -- Happy Love

Rose, China -- Beauty Always New

Rose, Deep Red -- Bashful Shame

Rose, Dog -- Pleasure and Pain

Rose, Single -- Simplicity

Rose, White -- I Am Worthy of You

Rose, Yellow -- Decrease of Love, Jealousy

Rose, White & Red Together -- Unity

Rosebud, Red -- Purity

Rosebud, White -- Girlhood

Rosebud, Moss -- Confession of Love

Rosemary -- Remembrance

Scabious -- Unfortunate Love

Snapdragon -- Presumption

Snowdrop -- Hope

Sorrel -- Affection

Spanish Jasmine -- Sunsuality

Strawberry Tree -- Esteem and Love

Sunflower, Dwarf -- Adoration

Sunflower, Tall -- Haughtiness

Sweet Basil -- Good Wishes

Sweetbrier, Yellow -- Decrease of Love

Tulip -- Fame

Tulip, Red -- Declaration of Love

Tulip, Variegated -- Beautiful Eyes

Tulip, Yellow -- Hopeless Love

Violet, Blue -- Faithfulness

Violet, Sweet -- Modesty

Violet, Yellow -- Rural Happiness

Water Lily -- Purity of Hear

Zinnia -- Thoughts of Absent Friends

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