Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Autumn Leaves Greeting Card

This easy to make greeting card is perfect for Thanksgiving or any autumn occasion.

You Will Need:
green blank card to match your envelope size
coordinating green paper for mat
maple leaf rubber stamp and ink
ribbon scraps
small pop dots adhesives
glue stick or adhesive of choice
ribbon threading punch or craft knife
leaves background stamp (optional)

Cut and fold card blank.

Cut a piece of coordinating green paper for mat.

If desired, use a leafy background stamp and dark green ink to stamp a background pattern on the green papers (this is a subtle effect that is barely visible in the photo). Use the same dark green ink to ink the edges of the front of the card and the mat. You could, alternatively, leave the green paper blank.

Stamp 3 small maple leaves, color them with markers and cut out. Use pop dot adhesives to attach the leaves in a 3-dimensional form to the front of the card as shown.

Use a ribbon punch or a craft knife to cut small parallel slits in the paper through which to thread your ribbon. Tie top ribbon in a bow as shown in the photo above.

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